4 Reasons to trust Roosen Mechatronics with your product:

  • Quality, liability and flexibility
  • A track record of more than 15 years in the assembly of end products and subassemblies
  • One-Stop-Shop within the Roosen Group with machining capabilities, sheet-metal & tube laser and welding, Construction
  • In combination with our own production facility located in India we can make a positive difference regarding your competitors

Roosen Mechatronics


Medical Market


High-End Products

Roosen Mechatronics


Roosen Mechatronics is 1 of the 11 companies of Roosen Industries. Within this group of companies, we can carry out virtually all metal operations – milling & turning operations, plate & tube lasers, welding robots / assemblies all under one roof.

With our own production location in India we can (at the same quality level and with the same methods) carry out the machining activities as we do in the Netherlands. With the difference that India has a price / cost advantage for our customers.

Roosen Machining consists of machining locations (turning, milling, grinding operations) in Valkenswaard and Kanpur (India).

With this combination we can make the difference and unburden our customer completely.

With our Engineering we have the knowledge & expertise for creating, developing and optimizing your idea and design.

Maximizing functionality and manufacturability, among other things – the cost price is largely determined in the design.

With our plate lasers, 3D tube laser and punching machine, we quickly and professionally make parts.

Our welding specialists and welding robots (Steel, Aluminium and Stainlesssteel) can easily and efficiently assemble the parts.

Roosen Mechatronics


Rehabilitation examination equipment

Mobilizing Healthcare

Roosen Mechatronics

About us

Roosen Mechatronics has been developing and manufacturing high quality products and subassemblies for more than 15 years. For the medical, healthcare and high-end industrial market. The products we assemble in Eersel are used worldwide by our customer or our client’s customer.

We are located in the south of the Netherlands in Eersel. At this facility we have the possibility to assemble your products efficiently, with great care and in high quality. In addition to the assembly you can outsource the entire production and purchase for your end product under one roof within the Roosen group. With this you have 1 contact for all operations and we unburden you as much as possible.

With our laser and welding facility in Arendonk and machining facility in Valkenswaard we can act quickly and you can monitor all the steps.

Roosen Mechatronics is one of the 11 companies of Roosen Industries. Roosen Industries (more than 300 employees worldwide) is an internationally oriented group with companies in the Netherlands, Belgium and India, specialized in a wide range of metalworking and mechatronics assembly. The entire group is ISO 9001: 2015 certified and our location in Eersel also ISO 14001: 2015.

Roosen Mechatronics


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Roosen Mechatronica has many products / projects in its portfolio that relate to the medical market. Think of products / subassemblies for MRI application or the processing of liquids.

This market has two important characteristics: high quality and high reproducibility. This is crucial for the end user / patient and these are things we are well equipped for.

Please contact us for an introductory meeting without obligation to discover what we can do for you:

Contact: Fedde van Deursen
E: fedde.vandeursen@roosenindustries.com
T. +31 (0)497 517 176


Roosen Mechatronica is your partner in healthcare products. Products that many people depend on in daily care.

Example products that we already make at Roosen and put together as end product: hospital bed, smart waste dispenser, etc. Most of our parts are produced within our group and the complete purchase of parts is provided. A one-stop shop for our customers.

Please contact us for an introductory meeting without obligation to discover what we can do for you:

Contact: Fedde van Deursen
E: fedde.vandeursen@roosenindustries.com
T. +31 (0)497 517 176


A high quality product shock absorbers for vehicles for normal use and competition purposes, think of Race, Autocross, Quads, etc.
On a high / professional level think of the FIA GT, FIA WTCC Championship, World Challenge Championship, 24 Hours of Spa, 24 Hours of Le Mans.
In short, a product that has to perform under high pressure.

Please contact us for an introductory meeting without obligation to discover what we can do for you:


Contact: Fedde van Deursen
E: fedde.vandeursen@roosenindustries.com
T. +31 (0)497 517 176

Example Project

Gait analysis has been validated in research and experimental procedures for various (neurological) diseases and injuries. Examples include spinal cord injury and other nerve injuries, neuropathic pain, arthritis, stroke, Parkinson's disease, cerebellar ataxia, traumatic brain injury, peripheral nerve injury, and more.

Aspects: Electrical and Mechanical Composition.
Facets: Sheet-metal and milling operations, purchasing parts and the complete assembly including packaging of this end product.

Example Product/Project

The X-ray stretcher is specially designed for use in medical care with a view to minimizing and preventing transfers. The patient can be diagnosed on this stretcher by means of X-rays by means of a C-arc and treated immediately (trauma injury or scopies).

Aspects: Hydraulic, Electrical and Mechanical composition
Facets: Sheet and milling operations, Purchasing parts and the complete assembly of this end product.